Games of the Future 2024

Games of the Future 2024

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From February 21 to March 3, 2024, Kazan hosted a new high–tech international tournament – the first ever «Games of the Future». The competition gathered about 2,000 participants, the total number of views on streaming sites exceeded 150 million.


About the Games


Games of the Future is a large-scale event that exists at the junction of sports, science and technology and represents a synergy of classical and digital sports disciplines. The international tournament will run a series of 21 innovative disciplines (16 in the main and 5 in the extended program). Each of them realises the concept of phygital (physical-digital) – a union of physical culture and cybersport or VR-/AR-technologies. This means that phygital athletes are expected to excel in two dimensions that had little in common before.

The expected central venue of the Games is the exhibition complex Kazan Expo. Additionally, a number of sports and new type venues are expected to be involved as well – for example, Innopolis and a new IT cluster in Kazan.

On June 16th, 2022, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Kazan was announced as the winner of the right to host Games of the Future. Other candidate cities were St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaluga and Sochi.


Phygital Games


In preparation to the Games of the Future, a series of competitions run in order to test the host city’s level of preparation before the large-scale event of 2024 takes place. The first batch of these competitions was held in 2022 for the following disciplines: