Phygital Games 6

Phygital Games 6

From May 27 to June 7, Kazan hosted the sixth Phygital Games, within which tournaments were organized in three disciplines of phygital tactical combat: Standoff 2 + laser tag, Warface + laser tag, CS:GO + laser tag.


About Games

The main goal of the Phygital Games is the preparation for the Games of the Future that will be held in the Tatarstan capital in 2024. Games participants showcase their skills in team-strategic and individual competitions in the real and virtual worlds.

Tactical combat in a phygital format combines the game in Standoff 2, Warface, CS:GO and combat on the laser tag site.

At the group stage, the players played the mobile game Standoff 2 and the computer games Warface and CS:GO. The teams that made it to the playoffs played a digital round, and then entered the battle arena and showed their strength in laser tag.