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Volunteers willingly provide assistance during major competitions and events. The story of volunteering activities in Kazan began back in 2009, in the lead-up to the Universiade. The movement involved 20,000 volunteers and gained great popularity. Today, volunteers are an important part of every event.


Volunteering provides an opportunity to try out various functional areas and jobs, meet new people, and make friends.

At events, volunteers fulfil a range of functions: they act as attachés (accompanying the teams), work at the fields of play, at information desks and accreditation centres, with visitors and the press service, render assistance with check-in and accommodation of guests, and much more.


Fill out a form on the official website and become a part of a large and friendly team of volunteers! After filling out a form, you will go through an interview and training. Then you will have many interesting events ahead of you.

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Office B408, Building 35, Universiade Village

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