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Winstrike Team started to defend the title at the Phygital Games in Warface + laser tag with a victory

Winstrike Team started to defend the title at the Phygital Games in Warface + laser tag with a victory
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Phygital Games 6 tournament on Warface + laser tag tactical battles started in Kazan. On Wednesday, the participants played the first games of the group stage at the IT Park.

At the group stage, matches are held according to the rules of computer sports. Teams play in a 5-by-5 format (five people on each side), Bo3 (best of three), up to 11 round wins. Duration of one round of the match is two minutes. Starting from the playoffs, the participants, in addition to playing Warface, will be waiting for the physical stage — a laser tag match in the “Digital Flame Installation” format.

Repulse — Young — 0:2 (2:11, 3:11)

Repulse started with two winning rounds — 2-0, but that was the end of the team’s success. The next 11 rounds were won by the Young team, which built its attacks greatly and shot accurately. After the break, Repulse couldn’t improve – 3:11 and 0:2 at the end of the match. Completely different game was expected from the finalists of the last Phygital tournament in Warface + laser tag, and the Young team confirmed the status of an unpredictable team.

“Our team just was stronger, and that’s it. We prepared well. We spent all days preparing and training, that’s why we won. Before this game, we thought it would be more difficult. We didn’t expect this to happen. There are no forecasts for the entire tournament yet. The goals, of course, are the victory,” said Azamat Dyshekov, the coach of the winning team.

Airbit — Awinaw — 0:2 (6:11, 3:11)

The debutants of the Phygital Games held only for a half of the first map of the match. They led 4-3, but the more experienced and well-played opponents from Awinaw seized the initiative and pulled out the victory. Danila Daniel Abdurakhmanov from the winning team made 34 kills, while Pavel RaveUp Kuchin had to carry the ball for everyone at Airbit with 33 accurate shots.

“LAN is played differently, not like at home. There is no need to be afraid here. Communicate more, run more. We will make conclusions before the next game. Our goals for the tournament? We wish to be in the Top 3. The organization is at the highest level. The idea of the Phygital Games is great. To combine the classic sport and esport is great. I would like to visit the Games of the Future in 2024,” commented on the defeat Robert Belial Khasanov of Airbit.

“Everything was great. The organization was a bomb, the computers were advanced. The conditions were very good. We won 2-0, just shot well. The game understanding improved. Everything was at the highest level. We want to win the tournament, we will try our best. Our main goal – to enter the Games of the Future-2024,” shared his impressions of the start at the Phygital Games, Sergey Asvaturyan of Awinaw.

Winstrike Team — Boomerangs — 2:0 (11:7, 11:7)

The winners of the February tournament of the Phygital Games in Warface + laser tag, the Winstrike Team became nervous during the game with Boomerangs. On the first map, the starting rounds were held in an equal struggle, and when Winstrike Team took the lead 8:5, their rival responded with two victories and added intrigue to the match, although they could not develop this success – 11:7.

On the second map, the Winstrike Team was losing 4:7, and only when the situation became difficult could add — again 11:7. 47 kills were made by Vadim Jetfire Zubritsky, 43 accurate shots from Zamir Tarreg Aslanov.

“The game was uneasy, but it was not like we were worried and did not know what to do. We knew the maps well, so we were able to win back,” said Vadim Jetfire Zubritsky of Winstrike Team.

MementoMori – Trump Aces — 1:2 (4:11, 11:4, 7:11)

The teams exchanged quick wins on the first two maps – Factory and Bridges, and in the decisive match they showed a very interesting and tense game. The situation on the site was changing almost every minute and it was difficult to predict the winner — 1:1, 2:3, 6:4, 6:6, 7:7. The 15th round became the key one. Trump Aces disarmed the bomb, and with the score 8:7, they quickly dealt with the MementoMori squad, gaining the necessary advantage. Their rivals were not able to recoup.

“We increased the pace of the game. At first we played slowly, but then our coach got engaged, suggested what needed to be done, and we won. We have the best expectations from the Phygital Games. The organization, the hotel, the site where we are playing, the devices are something else. We would like to win the Games, of course. Laser tag does not scare us. We trained before the tournament, learned from the team that showed us different perks. In general, it’s a great idea to play the game first, and then go to the site to move,” said Andrey Baam Khnaev of Trump Aces.

“Perhaps we didn’t treat our rivals the right way, we didn’t hear each other. There was an underestimation. The guys didn’t communicate the way they did at home. They say that the LAN atmosphere adds boosts, but when I stood behind the guys, I didn’t hear them at all. It seemed like they were different people. We will prepare for the next matches” – the tournament just begun,” noted Evgeny Cherdi Baziv of MementoMori.

On the second day of the group stage, the following games will be held, according to the results of which the participants of the playoffs will be determined:

Young – Awinaw

Repulse – Airbit

Winstrike Team – Trump Aces

Boomerangs – MementoMori

Broadcasts take place on streaming platforms in LIVE mode:

VK Play Live –

VK Video –

YouTube –

Twitch –

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