“We are enjoying our time at the Phygital Games in Kazan”

“We are enjoying our time at the Phygital Games in Kazan”
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Phygital Games-6 have started in Kazan with international tournaments in 3D tactical battles (Standoff 2 + laser tag, Warface + laser tag, CS:GO + laser tag). The participants will have to fight each other in popular shooter games, and from the playoff stage they will also compete in tactical literacy and accuracy on the laser tag field.

Group stage of the Standoff 2 + laser tag tournament

Str8 – Team Coyotes — 2:0 (10:7, 10:5)

The mission of honour to present the famous Standoff 2 shooter at the Phygital Games fell to the Street 8 and Team Coyotes teams, and the guys did not disappoint. Until the middle of the first match of Bo3, the game was absolutely equal, and at some point, the Coyotes took the lead – 6:5. But Street 8, thanks to the accurate shooting of Anton DeTriMent Shcherbina, who collected 17 kills in half the game, managed to snatch the victory. On the second map, the advantage of the better-played Street 8 team was more tangible. Egor FlodzoR Matveev shot almost without misses — 24 kills, while the best player of Team Coyotes Vyacheslav Kuba Khachikyan made only 10 accurate shots.

“This is my first time playing in the arena, and the scale of events amazes me! It’s nice when you see your teammates and opponents next to you. It’s one thing when you play online, and you can say anything you want, but here you need to watch the words addressed to the opponent, watch what you can do and what you can’t. There was no great worry before the match. We were glad to see our opponents, with whom we have been online friends for a long time, and communicated well for the first three days. And then the draw took place, and all the teams scattered, there was tension. But this is not enmity. This is a competitive spirit,” said Anton DeTriMent Shcherbina from the Str8 team.

“We had few preparations in the game, so we conceded defeat. It was necessary to prepare better, and we will draw conclusions. Laser tag does not scare us. We have physically developed guys, but we need to get out of the group,” said the player of the Team Coyotes Ismail lnko Kalafatov.

RGG – Death or Glory — 0:2 (0:10, 3:10)

And in this game, there was the first sensation of the tournament. The young Death or Glory team, assembled just a few weeks before the start of the Games, not only won, but defeated the more experienced players from RGG (Revial Gaming). 10:0 score in favour of Death or Glory after the first map (16 kills were made by Magomed Dazz Kaimov) might have seemed like an accident, but in the next match they won just as confidently — 10:3 and did not give the opponent a chance for a comeback. In addition to good shooting, it was impressive how clearly Death or Glory analysed RGG’s game and predicted all the moves of the team. Dazz shot another 12 kills and helped the partners achieve a bright victory.

“Emotions are frenzied, honestly. We won due to the fact that we played well on all the maps. All my teammates are great. I told the guys not to worry, but to play confidently. Everyone thought that our opponent was the favourite, but we thought otherwise. And we were able to prove it!” – said Magomed Dazz Kaimov.

“Missed opportunities, lost rounds… We will analyse the analytics. We are ready for laser tag, and it does not scare us. We will be in the final,” said RGG player Alexander Tenigin.

Bullet Force – Winstrike Team — 1:2 (10:7, 7:10, 6:10)

Another favourite — Winstrike Team – almost stumbled in the match with Bullet Force. At the beginning, it seemed that the teams would go through the first map very quickly, since the Winstrike Team led 7:1 and completely outperformed the opponent. But a moment of relaxation led to a loss of concentration, and Bullet Force got caught on to the game. Alexandr Wordy Agarkov shot great (21 kills), while Winstrike Team suddenly fell apart.

“This is the first game of a major tournament played on stage. We had to get used to it. The result is not quite indicative. There were mistakes, and together all this led to the result on the map,” explained Andrey Chirkov, director of Winstrike Team.

And on the second map, the favourites did not succeed right away — they conceded 5:6. And yet Winstrike Team won the round and equalised the score — 10:7. Wordy (15 kills) played just as useful, but his opponents had Anton XSIZE Pakhomov (21 kills).

“It wasn’t about the shooting. The attacks were badly received. Now we understand how to extinguish their attacks, but this defeat only provoked us,” said Maksim qulns3 Ermolaev from Bullet Force.

In the third round, Winstrike Team was unstoppable. The score quickly became 8:1, and although Bullet Force fought to the end and reduced the gap to 9:6, the team failed to create another miracle and save the match. 20 kills were made by Winstrike Team player Daniil Lightning Valyan, who finished the game with 49 hits, and earned the title of MVP.

“There was a fuss in the first game, but then we recharged, the game went on. Daniil played a very good game, and due to this we won. We expected to win, but we thought that the score would be 2:0. 2:1 is also a normal result,” said Anton Pakhomov from Winstrike Team.

SaiNts – INCO GAMING (Brazil) — 2:1 (10:0, 3:10, 10:5)

The Brazilian INCO GAMING team is the South American leader in Standoff 2, but on the first map at the Phygital Games they faced a big defeat – 0:10. Samir reason Kurbanov and Artem GentlemaN Belyaev stood out in the Saints team (15 and 12 kills respectively), but the Brazilians were not like themselves, so the second map was supposed to answer questions about their level of play.

“Emotions are the best. We were glad to win. We play well, that’s why we won so confidently. There was no worry. The result was expected — we analysed the opponent,” said Artem GentlemaN Belyaev.

Brazilians showed that it is too early to write them off during the second map. They took the 8:0 lead and brought the round to victory — 10:3. Of course, there was a storm of emotions in the performance of INCO GAMING after such a rematch. Three players of the team made more than 10 kills.

The skill of Samir reason Kurbanov played a big role in the third round. He made 17 kills, and his team achieved a victory with a score of 10:5. In total, he has 39 hits in this match.

“This is our first time playing in Russia, and we have enthusiastic feelings. We hope that our team will win in Kazan. We are enjoying the time we spend here. We know that strong teams have gathered at the Phygital Games, but we will do everything for success,” said Brazilian player Miguel de Almeida Frost.

The following matches will take place on the second day of the group stage of the tournament:

Str 8 – Death or Glory

Team Coyotes – RGG

Winstrike Team – Saints

Bullet Force – INCO GAMING