“Opponents’ level at the Phygital Games is a welcome surprise”

“Opponents’ level at the Phygital Games is a welcome surprise”
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Phygital Games-6 determined the play-off participants for tactical battles in Standoff 2 + laser tag.

All teams played two matches in the group stage. In these games, participants were fighting each other in the popular shooter game Standoff 2 in Bo3 format matches. From the playoff stage, they will also compete in tactical literacy and accuracy on the laser tag field, and the results of the digital and physical rounds will be summed up.

Standoff 2 group stage + laser tag tournament

Revial Gaming – Team Coyotes – 2:0 (10:7, 10:7)

After the defeats in the opening matches at the Phygital Games, the teams no longer had the right to make mistakes, and the excitement definitely affected the participants of the game on the first map. Team Coyotes had their leader Vyacheslav Kuba Khachikyan stand out (17 kills in half of the match), and his team even took the 6:5 lead, putting Revial Gaming in a difficult position. But still, their opponent was able to rebuild. Nikita LUNAX Makarov had a useful play (16 kills), and the score changed from 5:6 to 9:5 in favour of Reveal Gaming, who did not miss the victory.

On the second map, the advantage of RGG was already more tangible. Only when the score was 8:4, they allowed the opponent to get closer to them, and yet the decisive round was theirs — 10:7. Vyacheslav Kuba Khachikyan became the most productive player of the match, but his 33 kills did not help the team to win and continue the fight at the Phygital Games.

“Yesterday’s defeat gave the ground to start training. It showed our mistakes. We fixed them and won today. We are gradually getting used to the fact that we are playing on a big stage. The organisation is at the highest level. This is the best Standoff 2 tournament I’ve been to,” admitted Muhammad Apart Asadov from Revial Gaming.

“We put together this team literally a week before the tournament. I didn’t think we would show any great results. After all, we don’t have a team yet, but a mix of players. We could have beaten someone, we played well, but lacked in some aspects. Perhaps, experience,” said Arseny deserve Rozhko from Team Coyotes.

Bullet Force – iNCO GAMING (Brazil) – 2:0 (10:2, 10:5)

Brazilians were getting hot and cold in the first game against the powerful SaiNts team — from 0:10 to 10:3, and the beginning of the match with Bullet Force followed a similar scenario. 2:10 with unconvincing shooting and mistakes in tactics — was that really their plan? But this time, the opponents did not let iNCO GAMING recover and turn the tide of the match. And on the second map, the Russian team looked better and deservedly won. Maksim qu1ns3 Ermolaev shot 28 kills and became the most productive player of the match.

“Brazilians are funny guys. It was fun to  with them. They just run on the maps, they don’t play. Reaching the playoffs is good, but our goal is the first place. The atmosphere at the Games is bomb-like. It’s good that the organisers make concessions if there are any questions. I really like it,” said Maksim Ermolaev from Bullet Force.

“The time difference between Russia and Brazil is not the reason for our defeats. Teams’ level at the Phygital Games is a welcome surprise, but it’s very good. We will better prepare for the next Standoff 2 tournaments. We are glad that we visited Russia. We will have more time to walk around Kazan, but it is already clear that this is a great city. It would be cool to come back here for the Games of the Future in 2024,” said Brazilian captain Gabriel Lacerda Crespo.

Street8 – Death or Glory – 2:0 (10:8, 10:7)

Death or Glory almost gave another surprise, but despite the defeat, the young team left a very good impression, and they can make some noise in the playoffs. 8:3 — with such a score, Death or Glory was leading on the first map of Street8, and it was hard to imagine that a comeback would occur in such a situation. But Street8 blew away the opponent in the protracted 12th round — 8:4, added emotions, and still recouped. Anton DetriMent Shcherbina from the winning team completed this map with 16 kills, becoming an important success factor.

“We found the key to the opponent’s game and began to use it. We ourselves have not changed anything. At first, we couldn’t implement our rounds, and then when a full-fledged round with devices appeared, we managed to implement tactics. Playoffs are ahead, and there will also be a physical stage — a laser tag game. To be honest, we have no experience at all. I hope we will be able to learn the rules of the game at training tomorrow, but if we lose because of laser tag, we won’t be offended. This is not our main discipline,” said Anton DetriMent Shcherbina.

On the second map, the teams seemed to have swapped places. Street8 took a 7:2 lead, and with nothing left to win, Death or Glory started chasing. They managed to reduce the gap to 8:7, and Dazz had a chance to even the score, but Street8 did not repeat the mistakes of the opponents. With 32 kills, KOT from Death or Glory became the best player of the match, but it is his team that will have an additional match in the quarterfinals of the Phygital Games.

SaiNts – Winstrike Team — 0:2 (5:10, 6:10)

The beginning of the meeting between the two leaders of Group B turned out to be tense — 2:2, then 4:4. However, Winstrike Team was able to add and find weak points in the opponent’s game, and SaiNts could not respond in the same way. On the second map, the advantage of the Winstrike Team was more tangible, despite the final score. They immediately took the 6:2 lead, then made the score 8:3 and did not delay in the end. Winstrike made it to the semi-finals, and SaiNts is waiting for a match with Revial Gaming. Anton xZise Pakhomov was the best among the winners on both maps.

“We didn’t have enough training, but the opponent was stronger. They were better prepared for us. Ahead is the game with RGG. I think we can beat them. We do not have laser tag specialists, we are newbies in this. So, we will decide everything on the spot,” Samir reason Kurbanov (SaiNts) shared his impressions of the match.

“The level of opponents at the Phygital Games is not bad, but we ourselves are gaining momentum. I hope it won’t be difficult in the playoffs. We don’t know anything about laser tag yet, but we have experienced guys in our team who will help. I like the organisation in Kazan. I see acquaintances and friends with whom I have communicated online, and some I meet for the first time. The atmosphere is great. Everything is great,” said Nikita Pronyx Loginov from Winstrike.

The playoffs of the Standoff 2+laser tag tournament will be held at the Tennis Academy. It starts on 30 May with matches between SaiNts and RGG, as well as Death or Glory and Bullet Force, with semi-finals scheduled afterwards, where the Winstrike Team and Street8 teams have already made it to.

The admission to the tournament games will be free, but to attend the matches you need to book seats on the website kassir.ru:


The matches are broadcasted LIVE on streaming platforms (VKplay (https://gof.vkplay.ru/ ), VKvideo, Youtube, Twich.tv, Trovo.Live).

Phygital Games is a series of competitions in Phygital Disciplines ahead of the 2024 Games of the Future. The first Phygital Games were held in Kazan on 21-23 September 2022 featuring four disciplines — phygital football (football simulator + futsal), phygital basketball (NBA + streetball), Beat Saber and drone racing. Phygital Games in racing (Assetto Corsa + karting), martial arts (Mortal Kombat 11 + MMA) and hockey (NHL 22 + hockey 3*3) took place in November and December 2022. In February 2023, Games in the esports disciplines Speedrun, Dota 2, MLBB, CS:GO and Warface were held in Kazan combined with laser tag, in March there was a tournament on phygital ice racing (Assetto Corsa + winter karting), and in May there was a tournament on phygital football.

Games of the Future is an international tournament of a new format. The games comprise competitions in 16 hybrid disciplines. Each of the disciplines combines the concept of “phygital” (physical + digital), uniting traditional sports and esports or VR/AR technology and testing both the physical fitness of athletes and their digital dexterity. The tournament will be held in Kazan from 23 February to 2 March, 2024. 

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