Volunteer training for First CIS Games kicks off in Kazan

Volunteer training for First CIS Games kicks off in Kazan
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Volunteers of the First CIS Games are getting started on their training in Kazan. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the first stage of volunteer training (orientation and skills) will be held online. The Games volunteer tutors will coordinate the trainees via a video conference.

Previously we talked about how the bidding campaign resulted in as many as 3,193 volunteer applications sent to the Organizing Committee from 46 countries and 81 regions around Russia. Out of the volunteer applicants, 2,451 completed their interviews successfully.

“Volunteers are an integral part of our huge team, so it is vital to consider them a branch of the Organizing Committee rather than a separate group that operates independently,” said Alexander Karpov, Deputy Director General of the Directorate for Sports and Social Projects. “The upcoming training session is aimed at giving these young men and women the key skills they need as volunteers, as well as all the necessary knowledge about the Games and the role that they are going to play in organizing them.”

At the next stage, the young people that are preparing to help with the Games will receive functional training; this will involve meeting the manager of their respective functional area, learning about the general working principles, and familiarizing themselves with their own personal duties. The third and final stage of volunteer preparation will take place at the venue where the trainees will subsequently work.

Press Office of Directorate for Sports and Social Projects