“I am happy that I won and showed everything that I can in Kazan”

“I am happy that I won and showed everything that I can in Kazan”
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The final leg of the FINA Swimming World Cup has kicked offin Kazan. On the first competition day, girls were racing for the six sets of medals at the Aquatics Palace.

400m freestyle

At the 400m freestyle distance, the main fight broke out between Australia’s Leah Neale and Madison Wilson. Neale was leading after every turn and managed to keep the first line at the finish. Russian Alexandra Bykova claimed bronze.

“I’ve got mixed emotions. I’m glad that I was able to catch upfor the failed last week and showed that I can in Kazan. I’mhappy I was able to win. Now I will have a little rest and get ready for the World Championships,” said the winner.

1. Leah Neale, Australia – 4:01.73

2. Madison Wilson, Australia – 4:02.05

3. Aleksandra Bykova, Russia – 4:05.05

50m backstroke

World record holder and one of the World Cup overall leaders Kira Toussaint proved her high class by winning the 50mbackstroke.

“I would have liked to swim faster but all in all it was not bad. I will perform in Kazan at the European Championships, and then I will get ready for the World Championships in Abu Dhabi,” Kira told.

1. Kira Toussaint, Netherlands – 25.87

2. Holly Barratt, Australia – 26.25

3. Daria Vaskina, Russia – 27.09

200m butterfly

Zsuzsanna Jakabos came first in 200m butterfly, but lost almost half a second from her result in Doha a week ago. The athlete was certainly happy with her victory.

“I’m delighted that I swam faster than in Doha. I’ve got only joyful emotions,” shared the Hungarian swimmer.

1. Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Hungary – 2:05.88

2. Anastasiya Markova, Russia – 2:05.97

3. Maria Ugolkova, Switzerland – 2:07.46

200m breaststroke

Three Russian athletes took the podium at the 200m breaststrokedistance with Vitalina Simonova on top of it.

“I am very happy, the time is amazing! I did what I had wanted. Ahead is the selection for the world championships, and it is the main goal now,” said Vitalina.

1. Vitalina Simonova, Russia – 2:19.22

2.Yuliya Efimova, Russia – 2:20.49

3. Mariia Temnikova, Russia – 2:21.12

50m freestyle

World Cup leader Emma McKeon got one step closer to the overall win but the main heats are still ahead.

“I am glad to return to Kazan, I have not been here for 6 year – since the World Championships. I don’t often take part in the short course competitions but I decided to come to Kazan and test myself,” the athlete noted.

1. Emma McKeon, Australia – 23.53

2. Madison Wilson, Australia – 23.94

3. Michelle Coleman, Sweden, and Holly Barratt, Australia –23.95

100m medley

Maria Ugolkova, a native of Moscow who is representing Switzerland, claimed victory in the 100m medley. This is her second medal of the day.

1. Maria Ugolkova, Switzerland – 58.47

2. Michelle Coleman, Sweden – 58.54

3. Anastasiya Sorokina, Russia – 1:00.08

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