Toussaint and Sjoestroem – three-time European champions in Kazan

Toussaint and Sjoestroem – three-time European champions in Kazan
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Kira Toussaint and Sarah Sjoestroem claimed the third gold medals at the European Championships in Kazan.

100m backstroke, women

Female swimmer from the Netherlands Kira Toussaint once again proved her status of one of the best in short course, having won the 100m backstroke. This is the third gold for Kira in Kazan in addition to the relay silver in her collection. On Saturday, she overtook her compatriot by one tenth of a second.

“I am elated! I didn’t think I would win all three individual races in Kazan. It is remarkable that Maaike set her personal best. I am very happy and very tired,” Kira commented after the victory.

“Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect a medal today. I hope to get more medals at this championships,” De Waard noted.

“It’s just insane! I was swimming on the first lane that seldom delivers the medallists. I am so content with my second medal at this championships. I have set a new record for France that has been held since 2008, and it is a fantastic triumph for me. I can’t believe in my medal,” Analia Pigree shared her feelings on the performance.

1. Kira Toussaint, Netherlands – 55.76

2. Maaike De Waard, Netherlands – 55.86

3. Analia Pigree, France – 56.40

200m freestyle, men

One of the world season breakthroughs – 16-year-old Romanian swimmer David Popovici scratched out the victory at the finish of the 200m freestyle race having made a touch faster than the Dutchman Luc Kroon. Two Netherlands representatives climbed the podium with Stan Pijnenburg on the third place.

“It was nice to win the European Championships, but I am at such a point of my career that I find it very important to getexperience of such a tournament. 1:42.12 is my personal recordand the record of the country,” David Popovici said.

“I was short of just a little bit at the finish, but I’m content with the race and my time,” Luc Kroon told.

“I didn’t expect to get a medal here, but it turned out with a personal record. Just unbelievable!” Pijnenburg exclaimed.

1. David Popovici, Romania – 1:42.12

2. Luc Kroon, Netherlands – 1:42.20

3. Stan Pijnenburg, Netherlands – 1:42.51

100m butterfly, women

In 100m race butterfly, Sarah Sjoestroem won by a landslide, who along with Toussaint have already claimed three golds in individual races in Kazan. After 50 meters, she was ahead of Ntountounaki just 0.01 seconds, but the Swede spurted into the lead through the second half of the distance and grabbed gold.

“It’s always nice to top the 100m butterfly. I lost a little at the turn, but I confidently finished the distance,” Sarah Sjoestroemtold.

“I can’t get used to winning the medals. However, I’m getting used to being among the best swimmers in Europe. I wanted to get a medal and show a good time. Both came off,” Anna Ntountounaki noted.

1. Sarah Sjoestroem, Sweden – 55.84

2. Anna Ntountounaki, Greece and Anastasiya Shkurdai, Belarus – both 56.35

200m breaststroke, men

200m breaststroke men’s finish turned out very intense and emotional. Mikhail Dorinov was keeping the lead through 150 meters, but let Ilya Shymanovich and Arno Kamminga go ahead. In this duet, the athlete from Belarus came to be a little faster having added a new country’s record to the win.

“Wow! I am so excited. I am a sprinter and 200 meters is not themain distance for me. I’ve made my new personal best and new country’s record. I would like to dedicate the victory to my coach, who I’ve been working with since I was 10,” Ilya claimed after the finish.

“I did want to win, so it hurts that I came second. Nevertheless, I am content with this result and with my time. I’m feeling better and better in the run-up to the World Championships,” Arno Kamminga voiced his thoughts.

“I wanted to swim faster, but it turned not that bad. I am contentwith my medal,” Mikhail Dorinov told.

1. Ilya Shymanovich, Belarus – 2:01.73

2. Arno Kamminga, Netherlands – 2:01.74

3. Mikhail Dorinov, Russia – 2:02.07

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