Top 8 unveiled at FIE World Cup in Kazan

Top 8 unveiled at FIE World Cup in Kazan
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A gold medallist in the individual tournament  will be determined on Saturday at the FIE World Cup in Women’s Foil in Kazan.

Day 2 of the FIE World Cup started with several unexpected results. Top seeded fencers, Yuka Ueno and Sera Azuma of Japan, got eliminated in the table 64 round; Larisa Korobeynikova and Anastasia Ivanova of Russia also suffered a defeat in the same stage.

Lee Kifer of the United States was also unsuccessful, losing a bout to another participant of the preliminary round, Jessica Guo of Canada, 11:15, whereas Italian Arianna Errigo (No 4 seed) was beaten in a tense duel by Rio Azuma of Japan – 13:15. Other favourites of the tournament had some difficult matches as well.

The following pairs will face off in the table 8 tournament:

Inna Deriglazova (Russia) – Shi Yue (China)

Adelina Zagidullina (Russia) – Rio Azuma (Japan)

Aida Mohamed (Hungary) – Elisa Di Francisca (Italy)

Fanni Kreiss (Hungary) – Alice Volpi (Italy)

Day 3 competition schedule

February 23 (team competition)

9:00 – Start

17:00 – Final

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