Matthew Sates wins FINA Swimming World Cup

Matthew Sates wins FINA Swimming World Cup
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The third day of the FINA Short Course World Cup in Kazan named the overall winner – an athlete from South Africa, Matthew Sates.

400m medley

Men’s competition day commenced with Daiya Seto’s victory in the 400m medley. The Japanese athlete was ahead of Ilia Borodin by over 5 seconds and took another medal in Kazan.

“The time is not so bad but I wanted to swim for 3:56. I will hopefully show this result in Abu Dhabi,” Seto noted.

1. Daiya Seto, Japan – 3:57.85

2. Ilia Borodin, Russia – 4:02.89

3. Daniil Pasynkov, Russia – 4:06.01

50m butterfly

Szebasztian Szabo from Hungary, who hasn’t had any victories in World Cup individual events since October 2019, won the 50m super-fast race. He managed to break a streak in Kazan.

“I am very glad that I got the best fit. When the World Cupstarted, not everything worked out for me, but at the right moment I was able to add up. I am happy to finish the tournament with a victory. 50m competition is always challenging, and indeed fast guys compete next to me. I liked Kazan a lot. Many thanks to the organisers! Everything was great! I will spend a few more days in Kazan because I am staying for the European Championships,” Szabo shared his victorious emotions.

1. Sebastian Szabo, Hungary – 21.97

2. Tom Shields, USA – 22.19

3. Kyle Chalmers, Australia – 22.33

100m backstroke

After two silver medals at distances of 50m backstroke and 100m medley, Kliment Kolesnikov claimed gold in 100m backstroke. This is the first gold for Kliment in individual racesat the World Cup legs.

“I’m feeling amazing, everything is fine. No problems and satisfied in general. I thought it would be harder but preparation is going more or less to the plan. These competitions differ from the rest by the fact that you are responsible for yourself only. Everyone likes performing, everyone is relaxed and gets a kick out of swimming,” said Kliment.

1. Kliment Kolesnikov, Russia – 49.47

2. Pavel Samusenko, Russia – 50.44

3. Grigory Tarasevich, Russia – 50.82

200m breaststroke

The Japanese swimmer completed his performance in Kazan with another astonishing victory, having outscored Arno Kamminga and Anton Chupkov. Seto took four golds in Kazan.

“I’m happy but very, very tired,” the winner uttered with a smile.

1. Daiya Seto, Japan – 2:01.49

2. Arno Kamminga, Netherlands – 2:02.13

3. Anton Chupkov, Russia – 2:02.71

200m freestyle

In the men’s final race, two athletes shared the first place at once – Matthew Sates and Danas Rapsys. First 100m through, both swimmers were superior to the top three but the second half of the distance was powerful enough and so they won golds.

“I knew that if I win the swim, I would take first place in the overall standings. I felt a little pressure because of this but I amhappy that everything ended well. It was a great race and two athletes grabbed gold medals,” Matthew Sates told.

1. Matthew Sates, South Africa, and Danas Rapsys, Lithuania –1:41.73

3. Fernando Scheffer, Brazil – 1:42.83

World Cup overall standings, men

1. Matthew Sates, South Africa – 227 points
2. Tom Shields, USA – 224.4
3. Arno Kamminga, Netherlands – 224.1

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