Emma McKeon – FINA Swimming World Cup Overall Winner

Emma McKeon – FINA Swimming World Cup Overall Winner
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Australian swimmer Emma McKeon became the best at the World Cup in Kazan and in the overall tournament standings.

200m backstroke

Kira Toussaint won 200m distance with a solid advantage. She was almost four seconds ahead of her pursuers.

1. Kira Toussaint, Netherlands – 2:03.51

2. Daria Ustinova, Russia – 2:07.20

3. Anastasia Klyarovskaya, Russia – 2:07.54

800m freestyle

“It’s a tough distance, but I’m glad I’ve finished the race victoriously. I enjoyed the World Cup! This was the last swim of the season for me. I need a rest,” Leah Neale shared.

1. Leah Neale, Australia – 8:22.53

2. Valeriia Salamatina, Russia – 8:23.54

3. Aleksandra Bykova, Russia – 8:26.81

100m butterfly

1. Emma McKeon, Australia – 55.63

2. Maria Ugolkova, Switzerland – 56.89

3. Lana Pudar, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 57.39

200m medley

After a silver swim in the 100m butterfly, Maria Ugolkova from Switzerland claimed the second gold in Kazan, winning the 200m medley. In the Tatarstan’s capital, she took four awards – two gold, silver and bronze.

1. Maria Ugolkova, Switzerland – 2:06.59

2. Viktoria Gunes, Turkey – 2:06.72

3. Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Hungary – 2:06.94

50m breaststroke

Nika Godun and Yuliya Efimova were separated by one hundredth of a second but this is not unusual at such a swiftdistance as 50m.

“The European Championships will start in a couple of days, so I swam only one distance at the World Cup leg. I am very happy about the victory and expected it,” said Nika Godun.

1. Nika Godun, Russia – 29.64

2.Yuliya Efimova, Russia – 29.65

3. Vitalina Simonova, Russia – 30.46

4 x 50m, mixed medley

Moscow team came first in the 4 x 50m relay race, represented by Stepan Kalabin, Vsevolod Zanko, Anastasiia Zhuravleva and Rozaliya Nasretdinova.

1. Moscow – 1:40.60

2. Novosibirsk region – 1:40.83

3. Kazan – 1:42.63

100m freestyle

The victory in the 100m freestyle gave Emma McKeon an overall win in the World Cup. For the multiple Olympic champion, this performance was a perfect end of the season.

“I won’t say that I was very nervous before the race because I knew that everything depended on me. I knew that Kira was an excellent athlete, and she would probably add up her points, so I had to concentrate on my performance. I didn’t even set the goal to win the World Cup before the tournament started. I had a hardyear, I needed a rest, but I tuned myself in the right way. I haven’t been at home for about two months and I really miss my family,” Emma McKeon noted.

1. Emma McKeon, Australia – 50.67

2. Michelle Coleman, Sweden – 51.94

3. Madison Wilson, Australia – 52.24

World Cup overall standings, women

1. Emma McKeon, Australia – 228.3 points

2. Kira Toussaint, Netherlands – 227.4

3. Madison Wilson, Australia – 209.1

The head of the All-Russian Swimming Federation Vladimir Salnikov appraised the tournament organisation.

“Kazan leg of World Cup went well. All the athletes felt a good atmosphere, and for our guys it was a preparation step for the European Championships. I am happy with the results. Everyone had a good energy boost. The International Swimming Federation stated a high level of competition organisation. It isone of the best legs, and this is the opinion of the International Federation and everybody present here,” Vladimir Salnikovtold.

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