Celebration of TASSR's 100th anniversary flag takes place in City Hall of Kazan

Celebration of TASSR's 100th anniversary flag takes place in City Hall of Kazan
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Today the celebration of TASSR’s 100th anniversary flag took place in the City Hall of Kazan during the solemn meeting on the upcoming Kazan City Day. The current Mayor of Kazan, Ilsur Metshin, took part in the ceremony and attached Kazan’s coat of arms badge on the flag.

Upon the opening of the solemn meeting Ilsur Metshin congratulated everybody on the upcoming city holiday. “Today our meeting has a greater significance because this year we celebrate two big and important anniversaries: TASSR’s 100th anniversary and 75 years of the Great Victory. I wish to congratulate all citizens, employees, war veterans, homefront workers, and veterans of federal and municipal service upon these big dates. The Republic celebrates its 100th anniversary and it is very important event for the city because Kazan was the place where the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was first founded and developed in 1920,” said the city mayor, cited by the press office of the Kazan City Hall.

TASSR’s 100th anniversary flag was first shown on December 19, 2019 at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre. That day officially kicked off TASSR’s 100th anniversary celebration events.

During that year TASSR’s 100th anniversary flag travelled across all federal districts of Russia and gained 69 badges with flags of the federal subjects of Russia that have registered national cultural tatar autonomies. The Flag Relay continued to all districts of Tatarstan. The relay ends in Kazan.

It is worth to be mentioned that during today’s meeting Ilsur Metshin also gave higher city and republican awards and distinguished the achievments of workers from organizations and businesses. The celebration of Kazan citizens of honour also took place that day.

Press Office of Directorate for Sports and Social Projects