Media accreditation for the BRICS Games in Kazan starts on 18 March

Media accreditation for the BRICS Games in Kazan starts on 18 March
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From 11 June to 24 June 2024, Kazan will host the BRICS Sports Games, an annual multi-sport event between the member countries of the BRICS economic group. The Games have been held since 2016, but for the first time ever they will be hosted by the Russian Federation.

More than 70 countries, including 10 BRICS member countries, including the Russian Federation, have expressed their intention to compete in Kazan. About 5,000 participants are expected at the Games in total.

The sports programme of the competitions comprises 30 sports and disciplines – 21 Olympic and 9 non-Olympic, with many of them making their debut at the BRICS Games in Kazan. Participants will compete for a record number of awards – 393 sets.

The programme of the Games consists of Boxing, Breaking, Beach Volleyball, Beach Handball, Canoe Sprint, Rowing, Judo, Karate, Koresh, Belt Wrestling, Athletics, Table Tennis, Swimming, Diving, Sambo, Artistic Swimming, Skateboarding, Wrestling, Artistic Gymnastics, Tennis, Wushu, Fencing, Basketball Double-Event, Football Double-Event, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Chess, Weightlifting, Badminton, Equestrian Sports and Acrobatic Rock’n’roll.

The competitions of the Games will be held at 17 sports venues in Kazan. The Opening Ceremony will take place on 12 June, and the Closing Ceremony on 23 June.

To work at the BRICS Games, Media representatives need to pass the accreditation procedure, which will begin on 18 March and last until 12 May.

  1. To get access to the accreditation system, please complete a provisional request form following the link 
  2. Upon its review, the Organising Committee will send the notification containing a login and password, and access link along with the system user manual to the email specified in the provisional request form.
  3. Having logged into your personal account in the accreditation system, you should fill out personal information, upload a photo (according to the requirements), passport scan/photo, input the arrival date and time in Kazan (in case you need a meet and greet service), and submit an entry form.
  4. “Active” status of your entry form implies its approval by the Organising Committee, so you can pick your badge upon presentation of passport in the accreditation centre (its working hours and location will be published at a later stage).

Should you fail to get access to the accreditation system or you have pending questions left, you may contact us via