Adelina Zagidullina: Before the fight, I was worried that I would lose it

Adelina Zagidullina: Before the fight, I was worried that I would lose it
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Adelina Zagidullina won bronze medal at the 2020 FIE World Cup in Women’s Foil in Kazan and shared her impressions of her performance.

– Adelina, you won bronze in Kazan. Are you happy with your performance?

– I am very happy with my performance. At previous tournaments, I only managed to get into the final eights, and I didn’t have medal places in individual events for a long time.

– Experts say that you had very difficult opponents on the way to the medal. How did you manage to cope with such stress?

– It was necessary to keep focus. I tried to think about the next hit only, and not about the final or the next fight. Hit right there and then.

– You had a 2-0 lead in the semifinal, but failed to beat China’s Yue Shi. What went wrong?

– In the semifinal, I got tired, lost concentration, could not get over myself. I got cramp in my legs. I even removed the insoles. It hurt. But I knew what to do and tried to catch up. I strove to catch up, I believed that I could win.

– Yue also beat Inna Deriglazova, the Russian team leader. What’s the secret of her success?

– Yue was in good shape today. It’s impossible to beat Inna Deriglazova when you are in a mediocre form. I can even say that, currently, she’s number one. She is very strong even when she does not feel well. Yue felt well and was in a good shape today.

– Spectators in the stands supported you. Did you feel it?

– I’m from Bashkiriya. It’s not far from Tatarstan. There were a lot of my friends in the stands, and before the first fight I was worried that I would lose it. I did not want to upset my friends.

– Tomorrow you will compete in team events for the Russian national team. Will you have time to regain your shape?

– I will do my best to recover for the team event and help the Russian team.

– What can you say about the the World Cup’s organization?

– Excellent organization. Even far too much. Foreign fencers mentioned the scale at which competitions were held. There was team introduction, anthems. Everything was done with heart and soul. And according to the rules!

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