“Sports move forward thanks to tournaments like this.” Results of the day at Games of the Future, March 2

“Sports move forward thanks to tournaments like this.” Results of the day at Games of the Future, March 2
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On Saturday, a tournament in one of the most interesting disciplines of Games of the Future – YOTA Phygital MOBA. MLBB Tournament – ended at Kazan Expo.

The current world champions AP.Bren team from the Philippines confirmed their class by defeating ONIC from Indonesia with a score of 3:1. The Filipino players started the match confidently and won the first map in just 14 minutes. ONIC had the advantage in the second map, but again failed to cope with the pressure of the opponent, finding themselves in a difficult position. AP.Bren made a small mistake on the third map, giving the opponents a small chance, and yet the fourth map was decisive — a 3:1 victory in the tournament with the largest prize fund in MLBB history — $1 million.

We want to thank all our fans, we were happy to see a large amount of support. Thanks a lot! We are not going to sit back and relax. We will try to win at the next Games of the Future. I think we won because we are a really great and strong team, we always there to help each other,” David Charles “FlapTzy” Kanon from AP.Bren said after the victory.

The third place was taken by the Turkish team Fire Flux Esports, which defeated the Indonesian RRQ Hoshi with a score of 2:1. On the final day of the Games, ONIC and AP.Bren will hold a show match — they will meet at the Laser Tag arena.

In the Gazprom Phygital Football discipline, semi-final matches were held, in which FC Lokomotiv and Uruguayan Peñarol won.

FC Lokomotiv’s esports star players did not leave Phoenix a chance at the digital stage — 7:3. Roman Shishkin’s team rushed to fight back, but scored only one goal, as their opponent defended superbly. The overall score of the match is 8:4 in favor of Loko.

It is hard to go on the field with such a score after the digital stage. It also applies to the opposite direction, we always had an advantage, but it was different here. The team played according to the score, there are good teams here, good schools, they know how to play. And it influenced the difference in the score,” Roman Shishkin from Phoenix shared his impressions.

Representing the popular Uruguayan club, Peñarol beat Mexico Quetzales, for which former players of the Mexican national team played. As in the first semi-final, the winners of the digital stage (Peñarol) were able to maintain their advantage in the physical part. Both teams scored two goals on the football field, and the overall score of the game was 7:5 in favor of the team from Uruguay. The final in the Gazprom Phygital Football discipline will be held on Sunday.

Kazan Expo hosted the semi-finals of Vkusno – I Tochka Phygital Skateboarding. Riders performed tricks in a real skate park and then repeated them in a simulator. The four strongest teams from the overall standings of the two semi-final groups advanced to the final. Latino Gang scored the most points with 553,49, Hustlers scored 472,49, followed by Slugs with 460,00 points and The Flacco’s with 453,82.

We are in the final, we have incredible emotions, a real thrill! At the very beginning, we were a little nervous and worried. And during the last tricks we relaxed and just had a blast. The format of the competition is unique, we really enjoy it. It is always cool to try something new. We like it in Russia too, we were warmly welcomed. There is just a lot of snow, and the weather is cold,” said Ignacio Rodriguez Fernandez, the rider for The Flacco’s.

At the Kazan Tennis Academy the finalists in the Standoff 2 + Laser Tag discipline with a prize fund of $250.000 were determined. In the first semi-final, the Absolute team won over Forze Esports by winning on two maps in a row. In the second match, Necessary and SaiNts exchanged victories on the maps, and the fate of reaching the final was decided in Laser Tag. SaiNts turned out to be stronger in the real arena – 6:1.

Words cannot describe it! We knew that if we lose at least one map, then at the third stage there would be nothing to catch at all — the opponent had professional players, Russian champions in laser tag. I believe this is the largest tournament I have participated in, in terms of the prize, coverage, and generally many different criteria,” Ivan “Miracle” Prodan from Absolute team said after reaching the final.

The day after the final of their discipline, the four best teams of the Speedrun + Super Final tournament held a show match according to the rules of Gazprom Phygital Football.

Teams were created for the game. Games of the Future champions, SpeedRussians, were joined by the members of The Cheaters team, and the second team consisted of members from Moonshiners together with AIP and competed under the name Antinormies. SpeedRussians won with a score of 9:8, and gained an additional prize of $50 thousand.

The fastest discipline of Games of the Future, G-Drive Phygital Racing, started at Sirius Autodrom. 28 pilots from 13 countries qualified, which determined the places of the teams in the starting table of the race.

In the simulator, the drivers showed excellent results. This stage was especially successful for the SMP Racing duo: Alexander Smolyar’s time was 1:00,433, and Alexey Nesov’s was 1:00,490.

Everything is great: we won the qualification, which is very important. But tomorrow is the main day. There is snow in Kazan, so it was impossible to arrange races there, although I would really like to be near other participants of Games of the Future,” said Alexander Smolyar from SMP Racing. “Thanks to such tournaments, the sports move forwars. A few years ago, the simulators were just for fun, but now it is suitable for major tournaments. It was extremely interesting to be a part of the new format and to find out where it will lead us.

The qualification was completed by the races of the co-drivers on a real track. There was a tense competition between 18-year-old racer Kirill Smal from BR Engineering and Roman Rusinov from G-Drive Racing. As a result, Smal’s car became the fastest — 1:02,945.

On the final day of Games of the Future, Kazan Expo will host finals in the disciplines of Gazprom Phygital Football, Vkusno – I Tochka Phygital Skateboarding, and the Kazan Tennis Academy will determine the winner for the Standoff 2 + Laser Tag tournament, and MLBB grandees will hold a show match. The final races in the G-Drive Phygital Racing will take place at Sirius Autodrom.


Games of the Future is an international multisport tournament in the phygital concept, a sports show of a new format combining competitions in physical and digital dimensions. The technology partner is VK Play. More than 270 teams and more than 2,000 athletes from 107 countries are taking part in 21 innovative disciplines in the first Games of the Future. The competitions are divided into five categories, or challenges: sports, tactical, battle, technical, speedrun.

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