Volunteers Campaign for the FIVB Volleyball World Championship 2022 Kicked Off

Volunteers Campaign for the FIVB Volleyball World Championship 2022 Kicked Off
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Today, February 21, the start of the volunteers’ application campaign for the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022 has been announced. The matches will be held in Kazan among other host cities. A lecture was timed to coincide with this event at the Volga State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism. The students met with the head of operations in Kazan of the ANO “Organising Committee Volleyball 2022” Mikhail Leonov and representatives of the ANO “Directorate for Sports and Social Projects” that has become an official operator for the implementation of the championship volunteers’ campaign in the Tatarstan capital.

During the lecture, the students got to know about how to apply for the slot in the tournament volunteers’ team.

Let us kindly remind that the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022 will be held in Russia on August 26 – September 11. 10 cities will play host to the matches. 24 national teams will be participeting in the tournament. As many as 6 matches of the championship second stage are scheduled for 2 to 4 September in Kazan, in the Volleyball Centre. What is more, a fans festival will take place in the heart of the city during the Championship matches.

10 volunteer centres will be assisting in the organisation of the magnificent volleyball festival across Russia. In total, it is planned to involve more than 3,500 volunteers in 18 functional areas.

“Volunteers are the soul of any major sporting event. At the World Volleyball Championship, the volunteers team will turn into the 25th team of the tournament. The primary mission is to create a friendly and hospitable atmosphere during the competition. The volunteers’ movement in Russia has vast experience in organising mass sporting events, and now we have also become its part,” said Roman Stanislavov, Director General of the “Organising Committee Volleyball 2022”.

Mikhail Leonov encouraged the students to join the volunteers team. “This is a great opportunity to join in the community of like-minded people and become part of the championship, which will be one of the key sporting events this year,” he noted.

Which areas are the volunteers being recruited in?

Accreditation. Volunteers of this area usually get to work earlier than others, because they have to help get accredited several thousand guests, staff, volunteers, and players.

Accommodation. It is not only necessary to get everyone accredited well in advance, but also to check-in well enough for everyone to be satisfied and feel due attention.

Broadcasting. Is it worth mentioning how much attention is brought to the TV broadcasting and to the people who make a beautiful picture that will be seen by a multimillion audience across the world? Therefore, all processes are built like clockwork and there can’t be any unimportant details here.

Ceremonies. Volunteers of this functional area will touch the elements of the show that are present in volleyball. Special effects for TV are sometimes created by the hands of the gifted artists.

Competitions organisation. Here the functional role is broad. This category includes both boys and girls who serve balls, as well as responsible youth who follow the protocols and sports order and interact with the teams.

Language services. Volunteers that will help get connected people from around the world, many functional areas will need assistance with interpretation and translation, so both comprehensive expertise and highly specialised volleyball vocabulary will be of use.

Medical care. Volunteers who always keep their eye on the ball and are ready to help professionals to save the world and keep order.

Marketing events organisation. Candidates who are interested in this area will have to have a sharp eye and study the championship brand thoroughly not to miss a single important detail of the competition design and image.

Operational management system. Volunteers of this area will be involved in listening to radio broadcasts, through which the main communication is carried out, keep minutes, track the minute-by-minute event timing, and also notify everyone about important events.

Media. For the event not to be only known, but also written and told about around the world, journalists and photographers need care and comfortable working conditions. Therefore, there is a need in extensive awareness of both volleyball, Championship events, and the ability to organise order in a place where news, beautiful plots and stories are created.

Sports presentation. This is what the spectators in the arena will hear, see, know, and feel. This is a subtle matter, so true miracle workers will be recruited for this position.

Spectators entertainment. Volunteers of this area are charismatic and artistic, as they will not hesitate to tell and show the audience the way, invite them to take part in activities to have fun and get a lot of new impressions from the Championship matches.

Event services. Spectators are the largest client group who will come to the World Cup matches. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to everyone, greet them smilingly, help to find their seats, show where the buffet is, or where they can buy a souvenir, and sometimes even explain the volleyball rules.

Technologies. Behind the scenes of all the most beautiful events, there is always a lot of technology and of what everything really rests on. So, if you are on first-name terms with technology and a bunch of wires is as easy as ABC for you, then we cannot do without your help.

Ticketing. Attentiveness, mental processing and accuracy will be helpful for this group of volunteers, since the spectators will come with their tickets on the match day, everyone must get in on time, find their seats and enjoy the first-class world volleyball.

Transport. Meeting and greeting foreign guests, navigating them around the city, aligning all types of transport, time and place is not an easy task, but a very important one, so magicians able to plan and track everything will come in useful.

Protocol. These are real diplomats who do not hesitate to communicate with the highest-level guests, representatives of foreign delegations, are not afraid to take the lead, to be attentive to each and every guest.

Volunteers. The most caring and attentive people with a big heart who will support the 25th team on the way to all its achievements and incredible accomplishments.


You can apply here: volley2022.ru/volunteers