European Championships in Kazan sets new records

European Championships in Kazan sets new records
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Two records of the European championships were set on the second day of the Kazan tournament

50m freestyle, women

Multiple world champion and many world records holder, Sarah Sjoestroem demonstrated that she got through the health problems that bothered her at the beginning of the season. She claimed gold at the European Championships with a new CR of 23.12, multiplying her medals collection.

It was a tough year, and I am very surprised by the result shown in Kazan. The victory makes me happy. I didn’t think I could get back to the podium that fast. It is really nice to start the championships like this, Sarah Sjoestroem shared herhappines.

“This is my first short course medal and I am delighted,” said Katarzyna Wasick.

1. Sarah Sjoestroem, Sweden – 23.12

2. Katarzyna Wasick, Poland 23.49

3. Maria Kameneva, Russia – 23.72

100m breaststroke, women

With her victory in Kazan, Martina Carraro from Italy retained the European 100m breaststroke title claimed two years ago in Glasgow. What’s more, she even succeeded improving her time compared to that tournament. EvgeniiaChikunova and Eneli Jefimova shared the second place.

I wanted to repeat my Glasgow’s result but I was not sure that I would be able to do it. It was a very hard year for me, but I focused on what is most important and won. I am very proud of my win, Martina told after the finish.

This is my personal best and a new junior record. I was certainly thinking about gold but silver is a good resulttoo, Evgenia Chikunova noted.

I can’t believe that I find myself among the medallists. It is a big surprise for me! I am only 14. I’m so happy!” EneliJefimova exclaimed emotionally.

1. Martina Carraro, Italy – 1:04.01

2. Evgeniia Chikunova, Russia and Eneli Jefimova, Estonia 1:04.25

50m backstroke, men

One more Championships record was set by Kliment Kolesnikov that has already twice renewed the result in 50m backstroke in Kazan. Michele Lamberti and Robert-Andrei Glinta could not keep up with the Olympic medallist in Tokyo.

1. Kliment Kolesnikov, Russia 22.47

2. Michele Lamberti, Italy 22.65

3. Robert-Andrei Glinta, Romania – 22.74

I am always happy when I step up on the podium. I wanted to show my best swimming, and the victory did not come as a big surprise. At this distance, I usually compete with myself, and not with other guys, Kolesnikov shared his after-victory emotions.

I am very content with my performance. Before the start, I could not even imagine that I would swim so fast. I found it really hard to compete against Kolesnikov but I will work to get better,” Michele Lamberti said.

Of course I am elated. I have set a new personal record and a national record. What else could you ask for?Robert Glinta noted.

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