Kolesnikov and Sjoestroem won one more gold at the European Championships

Kolesnikov and Sjoestroem won one more gold at the European Championships
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European Short Course Swimming Championships in Kazan found medal winners in three more events

200m individual medley, men

Greek swimmer Andreas Vazaios is now the four-time European Champion and triple best in the 200m individual medley. Interestingly, Andreas passed first 50 meters of the final race in Kazan under his full potential and was the sixth. Progressively he managed to catch up with the opponents and made a breakthrough then.

“It’s just incredible. I came to Kazan for this medal. I really wanted to win like my icon László Cseh did. Now I want to complete this tough year with a successful performance at the World Championships,” Vazaios commented.

“I haven’t swam this distance for two years, so I was very happy to set the country’s record and make my own time better for a second,” said silver medallist Thomas Ceccon from Italy.

“I’m content with the medal but not with the way I swam. I could have swum these 200m much better,” said the Italian Razzetti after winning a bronze medal.

  1. Andreas Vazaios, Greece – 1:51.70
  2. Thomas Ceccon, Italy – 1:52.49
  3. Alberto Razzetti, Italy – 1:52.75

100m freestyle, women

At 100m freestyle, Sarah Sjoestroem that claimed another medal in Kazan was second to none. Having recovered from the injury, she gained the optimum form that she is showing at the European Championships. Katarzyna Wasick lost 0.3 seconds to her and got the second silver medal in this tournament.

“It’s still not gold yet I’m so happy! Now 50 meters is better for me, because I was not very well prepared for hundred meters. It was a hard day for me, as yesterday I was not feeling well. I’m lucky to feel better today,” said Katarzyna Vasik.

“This is my first medal in freestyle. I am very content to have won a medal,” bronze medallist Marrit Steenbergen shared her emotions.

  1. Sarah Sjoestroem, Sweden – 51.26
  2. Katarzyna Wasick, Poland – 51.58
  3. Marrit Steenbergen, Netherlands – 51.92

100m backstroke, men

European record holder in this distance Kliment Kolesnikov swept to the awaited victory, but he had to work hard for this. Romanian swimmer Glinta was faster through the first 50 meters and ended up with his personal best. This is Kliment’s second gold in Kazan.

“I am very content with the gold medal. I was not ready to break my own European record, but I would like to point out the high level of competition at this championships. I am proud of how successfully the Russian athletes perform here,” said Kolesnikov.

“49.31 is my new personal best that makes me very happy along with the medal I won. I know that I could expect more after 50 meters, so silver comes like a bonus to me. Tomorrow I will swim 100m at my own pace,” Glinta said.

  1. Kliment Kolesnikov, Russia – 49.13
  2. Robert-Andrei Glinta, Romania – 49.31
  3. Apostolos Christou, Greece – 49.87

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