Kings in Kazan: results of Vkusno – I Tochka Phygital Skateboarding

Kings in Kazan: results of Vkusno – I Tochka Phygital Skateboarding
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Vkusno – i Tochka Phygital Skateboarding ended at the Kazan Expo IEC. The winners were the Latino Gang skaters, Hustlers took the second place, and Slugs took the third place. 16 teams participated in the tournament with a prize fund of $500 thousand, in which athletes from 24 countries participated.

Four teams participated in the final. In each, one athlete did two rolls (the best one was counted), the second did five tricks (two were counted), and the third repeated everything in the simulator. At the same time, the draw distributed the roles of the riders.

The leader after the first stage was the Russian Slugs team, which, thanks to Kirill Gavrilov’s masterful game in the simulator, received the maximum multiplication of points for both attempts by Maxim Yezhov – with a coefficient of 2.5.

The Flacco’s was unlucky with the draw: joystick master Ignacio Rodriguez had to perform tricks in the final part, and team leader Mauro Iglesias sat down at the console. However, he managed to accurately repeat the performance of Adriel Parmisano, which brought the Spaniards to the intermediate second place.

But the favorite of the tournament, the Latino Gang team, finished the first part of the final only in the third place. Argentine Matias Del’Olio performed the races better than all the competitors, but Juan Pablo Gomez could not completely repeat the performance of his partner in the simulator.

In the second part of the final, everything turned upside down. Argentinean Angelo Caro, who took the fifth place at the Olympic Games, showed a series of incredible tricks, and this time the partner on the console did not disappoint. With such results, no one could catch up with Latino Gang anymore. For the fourth attempt, Caro received 93 points – the highest score at Games of the Future.

“I am very happy with our victory, we have taken the Trophy of Games of the Future. It’s incredible. We have prepared well and trained a lot. We were well received in Kazan, we have been living like kings since the very first day, they help us in everything. I want to give part of the prize money to my family, my loved ones, who have supported me all this time,” said Angelo Caro.

The second place was taken by the Hustlers team, in which the youngest participant of the tournament, 14-year-old Belgian Boo Brankler, performed brilliantly. Matvey Milyutin from Slugs tried to perform a difficult trick to the end, but did not achieve success. Even the support of Egor Kreed, who visited the skate park at Kazan Expo, did not help him. The Russians took the third place, beating The Flacco’s, where Ignacio Rodriguez tried to perform too difficult tricks and did not succeed, getting five “steering wheels”.

“There are a lot of impressions, and only good ones. Of course, it was difficult to try a new competition format, but that makes it even more interesting. In skateboarding, even a small mistake can greatly affect the result. I’m glad we’re the second. I think this is a good result. We will win the next Games of the Future,” promised Martin Atanasov from Hustlers. “I plan to spend the prize money on my career, this is the most important thing for me. I will develop even more, learn new things in skateboarding. It’s cool that the tournament has given such an opportunity!”


1. Latino Gang – 430.66
Matias Del’Olio, Angelo Caro, Juan Pablo Gomez, Franco Morales

2. Hustlers – 373.82
Jonas Orskov Daater, Martin Atanasov, Boo Brankler, Nick Jules Steenbeck

3. Slugs – 336.00
Maxim Yezhov, Kirill Gavrilov, Matvey Milyutin, Sergey Gerasichev

4. The Flacco’s – 168.00
Adriel Parmisano, Ignacio Rodriguez, Mauro Iglesias, Christian Delgado


Games of the Future is an international multisport tournament in the phygital concept, a sports show of a new format combining competitions in physical and digital dimensions. The technology partner is VK Play. 294 teams and more than 2,000 athletes from 107 countries took part in 21 innovative disciplines in the first Games of the Future. The competitions are divided into five categories, or challenges: sports, tactical, battle, technically assisted, speedrun.

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