Second All-Russian Urban Games to take place on July 10-11

Second All-Russian Urban Games to take place on July 10-11
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The Second All-Russian Urban Games will be held at the Uram Extreme Park on July 10-11, 2021.

The Games programme includes competitions in six sports: basketball 3×3, BMX (BMX freestyle park, BMX rhythm track, BMX freestyle flat), roller sport (skate cross, high jump, freestyle slalom), skateboarding (street, park), dance sport (breaking), workout. Athletes will compete for 63 sets of awards.

The Games Opening Ceremony will take place at 15.00 on July 10. Other competitions will also be held at the Uram Extreme Park as part of the Games: the Red Bull half Court Basketball Tournament, Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Stage, Street Floorball League Tournament (3*3), Championship of the Russian Physical Culture and Sports Community “Lokomotiv” in Skateboarding in “street” and “park” events, All-Russian Competitions in Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll in the “boogie-woogie” mass sports event. There will be organised catering zones in the park.

Admission is free: the site will be open on July 10-11 from 10.00 to 22.00. Be sure to wear a mask and follow the social distancing rules. The entrance will be from the two sides: from the Kremlin Embankment and Podluzhnaya Street. On July 8-9, the park will be closed to the public due to installation works.

It is forbidden to bring scooters, bicycles, rollers, skateboards, kick scooters (except for the competitors’ sports equipment), drinks in glass and tin containers, as well as drinks in plastic containers with a volume of more than 0.5 litres, weapons of any type, flammable and pyrotechnic substances, or products. Pets are not allowed to the venue, except for guide dogs. A complete list of prohibited items is published on the Games website

You may leave your belongings in the lockers (free of charge, from 10.00 to 22.00). There will also be a bicycle parking facility at the venue. The list of items prohibited for leaving in the lockers is also published official website. Cars can be parked at the paid parking lots on Podluzhnaya Street under the Millennium Bridge and at a multi-level parking lot at 86A, Pushkina Street (space is limited).

The event schedule is subject to change. The up-to-date schedule can be found on the official website of the Games.

Uram Extreme Park

The Uram Extreme Park consists of eight zones: a skate park, two pump tracks for experienced athletes and beginners, workout and parkour grounds, a streetball park, an airpark and training zones. The park area reaches 1.9 hectares.

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