“Kazan stop of the World Cup is a good rehearsal for the World Championships in Abu Dhabi”

“Kazan stop of the World Cup is a good rehearsal for the World Championships in Abu Dhabi”
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FINA Swimming World Cup leaders proved their class on the first day of the leg in Kazan.

400m freestyle

One of the overall World Cup leaders, 18-year-old Matthew Sates, added a few more points to his standing by winning the 400m freestyle. This is his first visit to Russia, and the South African representative is pleased with the way he was welcomedin Kazan.

“The schedule is not easy now but I am happy that I’ve won. This is my first time in Russia, I’m happy to be here. It’s a bit chilly in Kazan but people are kind here that I like,” the champion said.

1. Matthew Sates, South Africa – 3:38.28

2. Danas Rapsys, Lithuania – 3:38.81

3. Daniil Shatalov, Russia – 3:39.54

200m backstroke

A split second separated the champion and bronze medallist in this heat, and Aleksei Tkachev won having been third for a long time.

“This is my best result, but I wanted to swim even faster. The first half did not come off well. I think the coach was pleased. The World Cup leg is a good test as a pre-start,” Tkachevshared.

1. Aleksei Tkachev, Russia – 1:51.34

2. Yakov Toumarkin, Israel – 1:51.55

3. Grigory Tarasevich, Russia – 1:51.93

100m butterfly

Olympic champion Tom Shields won the 100m butterfly. Previously, he was best in this distance at the World Cup legs in Berlin, Budapest and Doha.

“I am satisfied. It was nice to win. My goal is to win the World Cup, everyone who participates thinks about it. However, during the heat, you don’t remember about it. I like it here in Kazan. It’s cool here,” noted the American swimmer.

1. Tom Shields, USA – 49.20

2. Szebasztian Szabo, Hungary – 50.07

3. Pavel Samusenko, Russia – 50.33

100m breaststroke

Arno Kamminga has cemented the overall lead in the World Cup after this victory with a couple more heats in Kazan.

“This is my best time and I am very happy to start the leg so well. The water in Kazan is very fast. This is a very good preparation for the World Cup in Abu Dhabi,” Kamminga told.

1. Arno Kamminga, Netherlands – 55.82

2. Fabian Schwingenschlogl, Germany – 56.16

3. Anton Chupkov, Russia – 57.30

50m freestyle

Australian Kyle Chalmers scratched out a win in the 50m freestyle from Vladimir Morozov, who showed his best result of the season.

“I’m happy with my victory, I swam faster than last week. This is my second time here; I was here 6 years ago. I’ve had a chance to taste Tatar cuisine and it is delicious. I’m already used to the fact that at the stands are empty with no crowd as we have been performing in such conditions for two years now, but it’s nice when there is support in the arena,” said the Australian.

1. Kyle Chalmers, Australia – 20.68

2. Vladimir Morozov, Russia – 20.81

3. Jesse Puts, Netherlands – 21.08

100m medley

Japanese swimmer Daiya Seto overscored Kliment Kolesnikovand showed the best time in his career. Besides, it is his country’s record for this distance.

“I am satisfied with my victory. I swam better than in Doha a week ago. I’ve set a national record,” the Japanese athlete emphasised.

1. Daiya Seto, Japan – 51.29

2. Kliment Kolesnikov, Russia – 51.31

3. Matthew Sates, South Africa – 51.96

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