Continuation of legend: world champions won Games of the Future

Continuation of legend: world champions won Games of the Future
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YOTA Phygital MOBA. MLBB Tournament ended with a beautiful victory of AP.Bren, the current world champions.

Initially, 16 teams from 12 countries participated in the tournament with a prize fund of $1 million. After playing in four groups according to the GLS system, the participants of the playoffs were determined. For more information about the rules and the schedule of the competition visit the link.

In the last matches of the tournament, the Indonesian teams RRQ Hoshi and ONIC won one map each, but lost in the series for third place and in the final, respectively.

3-4th place match

RRQ Hoshi vs. Fire Flux Esports – 1:2

The participants of the match for the third place showed an unusually equal game on the first map. There was a constant exchange of frags, Lords, and successful battles, and no one could get ahead. The decisive battle was on the fourth Lord in the 20th minute, in which RRQ Hoshi made triple kill, taking down the opponent’s heroes. After that, the Indonesians crushed their base and opened the score of the match.

On the second map, Fire Flux Esports began to accumulate and played to their advantage from the start. RRQ Hoshi held back the opponent from gaining critical superiority in gold for some time. On the second Lord, the Turkish players made successful frags and immediately went to break the throne of the Indonesians. In the 15th minute, Fire Flux Esports equalized the score in the series.

The decisive confrontation was worthy of a meeting for the prize-winning place of Games of the Future. At first, the teams were equal. After the first Lord, Fire Flux Esports gained a slight advantage and began to systematically crush the opponent and destroyed buildings at the base. RRQ Hoshi defended effectively, not far behind in gold. The game went into a late stage, and the teams exchanged frags. At the 27th minute, Turkish players caught RRQ Hoshi on a mistake in a team fight, took down three of their heroes and went to their base to finish the map and won the third place at Games of the Future.

“The third map was the most difficult, we understood that we were giving the opponents a strong hero, on which they perform perfectly. But our plan worked,” shared Vladimir “Ospreay” Gonchar, Fire Flux Esports coach. And the defeat from ONIC the day before was my mistake. I thought we could control the draft, but their coach catch up on our ideas and did everything perfectly. We lacked international experience in this regard. We have to play more with strong world-class teams, and eventually we will become stronger.

Final match

AP.Bren vs. ONIC – 3:1

The world champions began the finals with successful frags and advantage in gold and tactical capabilities. The first two Lords went to the Indonesian base, and already at the 14th minute the Malaysian team broke through the opponent’s towers and opened the score in the series.

The second map started more successfully for ONIC, but not long before the first Lord, AP.Bren had a great battle on the bottom line, killing the entire opposing team. The Indonesian grandees were unable to recover, and AP.Bren pressed their opponent, sending one Lord after another. And yet, the world champions did not take risks and did not hurry. Only at 22nd minute the score was 2:0.

AP.Bren started the third map by putting pressure on the opponent. ONIC withstood and regained the initiative on the first Lord, sending him to the Filipino base. While continuing to capture the Lords, the team from Indonesia won with a score of 9:9 in frags.

On the fourth map, AP.Bren successfully took down the opponent’s heroes in the early game and gained an advantage. Although the Indonesians sent the first Lord to the base of the world champions, they easily fought back and continued to press the opponent. The second Lord went down to AP.Bren, which made it possible to destroy the external towers and one of the towers on the ONIC base. At the 17th minute, the Filipinos, who had overwhelming superiority, won the map, and as a result the match and Games of the Future.

“MVP of the tournament is our SuperMarco. He was always there and reacted perfectly to game situations. We lost the third map because of the drafts and my mistake. Thanks to ONIC for a great game at this tournament,” told David Charles FlapTzy Canon, the explainer for AP.Bren.We were glad to hear the support from the spectators, and we thank all the fans. We will continue to work on our game and we want to win the next World Championship.”


Games of the Future is an international multisport tournament in the phygital concept, a sports show of a new format combining competitions in physical and digital dimensions. The technology partner is VK Play. More than 270 teams and more than 2,000 athletes from 107 countries are taking part in 21 innovative disciplines in the first Games of the Future. The competitions are divided into five categories, or challenges: sports, tactical, battle, technical, speedrun.

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