Absolute champions: results of Standoff 2 + Laser Tag

Absolute champions: results of Standoff 2 + Laser Tag
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The final matches of the Standoff 2 + Laser Tag discipline were held at Games of the Future. The Absolute team became the winner, SaiNts took the second place, and Forze Esports took the third place.

Eight teams took part in the competition with a prize fund of $250 thousand. Each match consisted of two stages: in digital – two maps up to 13 wins, in laser tag – one round up to six wins. In the group stage, the teams played in a round-robin format. In the playoffs, two strongest teams came out of each four. Details about the tournament scheme can be found at the link.


Absolute vs. SaiNts – 2:0

The teams were already on fire in the first round, when Samir reason Kurbanov from SaiNts stabbed an opposing player who was defusing a bomb. The players created one highlight after another. When SaiNts were losing 2:3, the score was equalized by Egor FlodzoR Matveev, who made poker out of frags. But then Absolute broke away and did not give the opponents a chance – 10:4.

The confrontation on the second map was no less fierce. Ivan Miracle Prodan from Absolute already took a clutch one in two at the pistol round. This allowed them to take the lead. When SaiNts tried to recoup from the score of 2:6, Adil notbroken Yeldossov scored three frags, which brought Absolute the seventh round. After that, the intrigue in the match ended – SaiNts did not come to their senses, the second map went in favor of Absolute 10:3. They raised the Trophy of Games of the Future over their heads, and the “Saints” left the arena in tears.

“We played without the captain, who was replaced before the tournament. We had seven days to prepare in the new line-up. It’s always hard for us to play with Absolute,” Nikita Lunax Makarov from SaiNts admitted. “We tried to surprise, but it didn’t go well in shooting, we were outplayed tactically. I think we were broken on the first map, we lost the first round of weapons. The final is worthy, but we have a team that only needs the first places.”

“We were a cut above. We had a stronger mood for the final, and for the whole tournament. We went out knowing that we were satisfied only with victory. The match in the group was much more difficult. Responsibility was pressing here. We felt that the spectators were more supportive of the opponent, but we didn’t focus on it,” said Artyom krong Chumakov from Absolute. “If we all know how to play Standoff 2, then Laser Tag was a cool new experience. I liked it. Physical activity should be present in everyone’s life, because it is good for health and mood. Games of the Future is the best tournament I’ve ever participated in!”

3d place match

 Forze Esports vs. Necessary – 2:0

The debut of the first map of the match for the third place went smoothly. Then Forze made a series and took the lead – 8:3. After that, they did not give up the match – 10:7. The second map started with the advantage of Necessary. An interesting highlight was presented to the spectators with a score of 3:1 by Arseny deserve Rozhko from NCR, who not only made three frags in the round, but also demonstrated a joyful dance. The teams reached the intermediate draw 8:8, the decisive rounds remained with Forze – 10:8.

“On the first map, we gave away several rounds, lost the pistol round, we were very unlucky. Before the first map, we set up that we were either closing 2:0, or we were already starting to have fun. We understood that we had no chance in Laser Tag against Forze with the Russian champions in the squad. Before the second map, we decided that we need to play for statistics. In general, at Games of the Future, I am pleased with the way we conducted the group stage. But we completely failed the playoffs,” sighed Dmitry starfox Korolev from Necessary.

“Of course, there is resentment, because we went to Games of the Future only to win. Shortly before the tournament, everyone was beaten in friendly matches, including the teams that reached the finals,” complained Maxim qu1ns3 Yermolaev from Forze Esports. “In today’s game, everything was decided on the first map, because the opponents understood that they had no chance in Laser Tag. Necessary obviously went out for the second map without motivation – they took five sniper rifles in the second round, this is nonsense. We also relaxed a little, and we were almost punished. Games of the Future is definitely the best tournament I’ve participated in. The phygital format, where mental and physical activity are combined, is very cool. All the guys came out of the Laser Tag happy. And Kazan is the best city in Russia!”


Games of the Future is an international multisport tournament in the phygital concept, a sports show of a new format combining competitions in physical and digital dimensions. The technology partner is VK Play. 294 teams and more than 2,000 athletes from 107 countries took part in 21 innovative disciplines in the first Games of the Future. The competitions are divided into five categories, or challenges: sports, tactical, battle, technically assisted, speedrun.

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