Phygital Hockey will wrap-up the 2022 Phygital Games season

Phygital Hockey will wrap-up the 2022 Phygital Games season
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  • On 9-10 December, Kazan will be hosting the competitions in phygital hockey,
  • Athletes will first play in NHL 22 in the Threes Eliminator mode, and then get to the ice and play under the 3-on-3 rules,
  • Four participating teams: Kazan’s “Ak Bars”, Moscow’s “Cosmos”, Kazakhstan’s “Barys Cyber Team” and “Naebski” team of bloggers,
  • The winner of the phygital hockey tournament will receive 1.25 million rubles,
  • The tickets are already on sale on the website

In a little while on 9 December, hybrid hockey competitions will commence in Kazan as part of the Phygital Games tournament. If the phygital format of karting + Assetto Corsa turned out to be familiar to racing fans and fighting fans were favourably impressed by the dynamic picture of Mortal Kombat 11 + MMA, now it’s time for hybrid hockey. First, the athletes will play in NHL 22, and then they will get to the ice and play in a 3-on-3 format. The score in the console game will serve as the starting point for real hockey.

It is already known that the Kazan “Ak Bars” team, the Moscow “Cosmos” team, Kazakhstan’s “Barys Cyber Team” and “Naebski” team of bloggers will be participating in the Games. In the new phygital format, it will be possible to see such stars as Maksim Trukhanov, two-time champion of Russia in the NHL 21 hockey simulator; Dmitry Obukhov, three-time winner of the Gagarin Cup, Yaroslav Kuzmichev, YouTube hockey blogger, and many others. Full participants’ line-up is about to be announced.

“The whole team is really looking forward to this tournament, we are preparing hard,” said Anton Borko, captain and striker of the “Cosmos” team, “I’ve never participated in formats like these before but this only makes it more exciting. As for the cyber part, we have well trained players on our team. Dear fans of sports and cybersport, come to the phygital hockey and you’ll see a slugfest both on the console and ice!”

The winner of the phygital hockey tournament will get 1.25 million rubles.


Everyone can be watch Phygital Games both live and online. The tickets are now on sale and available on the website Phygital Games will be streamed on the “Games of Future” channels along with the VK platforms — VK Play and VK. Follow the link to watch the competitions.

Phygital hockey will be the final tournament on the Phygital Games agenda in Kazan in 2022. Racing (Assetto Corsa + karting) took place on 24 November and a fighting tournament (Mortal Kombat 11 + MMA) – on 26 November.

Information about the competition regulation is published  on the website: