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Vladimir Leonov: Preparations for CIS Games and First All-Russian Urban Games 2020 are underway

Vladimir Leonov: Preparations for CIS Games and First All-Russian Urban Games 2020 are underway
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Minister of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, Vladimir Leonov, commented on Kazan’s preparation for major sporting events scheduled for the summer of 2020.

“We are continuing preparations for the competitions scheduled for the summer of this year. Major projects we are hosting this year are the CIS Games and the First All-Russian Urban Games. Both events will be held for the first time, and work on them is underway.

There is a full understanding in terms of the infrastructure that is to be used during the tournaments. As for the CIS Games, the inspection of the facilities’ readiness has almost been completed by the dedicated parties, concepts of services for the client groups and the launch of accreditation process for them have been formed; close work with federations on the  appointment of competition directors, creation of a detailed schedule of the Games, and work with country managers on determination of participants from countries are underway. Preparations are conducted on schedule, according to roadmap of each project. We keep our ears to the ground regarding a range of aquatic sports competitions that, as you know, have been postponed due to the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

We are talking about major sporting events and we do hope that they will eventually take place. Anyway, decisions on whether to host or to postpone them will be made based on the current epidemiological situation.”

As you know, the First CIS Games are scheduled for August 20-27. Up to 3,500 athletes, aged 14 to 23 (depending on the sport) from 11 countries are expected to participate in the Games. About 230 sets of medals in 21 sports are expected to be awarded. The event will be held on 15 sports venues of Kazan.

The All-Russian Urban Games will take place on June 26-28 together with the Youth Day. About 1000 athletes are expected to compete in 14 sports. The Extreme Park near the Millennium Bridge was chosen as a venue of the competition.

Source: Press Office of the Ministry of Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan