BIM radio

BIM radio
BIM-radio is a favorite radio station both of Kazan and Tatarstan people. For 25 years it has been giving its listeners good mood, pleasant music, and bright emotions.

This radio station provides music and entertainment 24/7 with 100% own broadcasting. Thanks to the creative team of their beloved radio, the people of Tatarstan can listen to one of the best Russian radio stations on daily basis. From the moment of its creation BIM-radio owns leading positions in the Mediascope list leaving behind web radio stations.

The content of BIM-radio is intended for the large audience of active consumers of products and services. Consequently people willingly respond to the ads broadcasted on this radio station making BIM-radio a worthy partner for advertisers.

BIM-radio owns both a modern recording studio for ads creation and one of the biggest track libraries in the region. The station offers full range of radio advertising services from simple announcements to exclusive superprojects.

Broadcasting bands:

Frequency Region
102,8 Fm  Kazan, Zelenodolsk, Arsk, Volzhsk, Laishevo, Kamskoye Ustye, Verkhny Uslon
104,6 Fm  Almetyevsk, Dzhalil
106,2 Fm Nurlat, Chelno-Vershiny, Shentala, Cheremshan, Aksubayevo, Bilyarsk
97,9 Fm Aznakayevo
99,0 Fm Bugulma

Free download of BIM-radio official app on iOS  and Android.

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