Artek International Children's Centre

Artek International Children's Centre
The Artek International Children's Centre is a federal state budgetary educational institution operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Artek is located in Crimea, in one of the most beautiful places on the planet – the Black Sea coast, 12 kilometres away from the famous southern coastal resort – the city of Yalta, in the urban-type settlement named Gurzuf, and occupies an area of 218 hectares, of which 102 hectares is a park zone.

Artek includes:

  • the largest international children’s centre in Russia that has been operating for 95 years;
  • 9 children’s camps: Lazurnyy, Yantarnyy, Khrustalnyy, Morskoy, Rechnoy, Ozernyy, Kiparisnyy, Lesnoy, Polevoy having a developed infrastructure, as well as proprietary educational technologies and cultural traditions;
  • a modern school for 1,224 students with an equipped laboratory complex;
  • 51 studios for additional education and children’s creativity;
  • more than 140 unique additional educational programs related to technology, natural science, social pedagogics, art, tourism, local history, and physical culture and sports provided by 87 thematic partners from among large Russian companies and state corporations.

More than 43,000 children from all over Russia and abroad visit the children’s centre annually. Since 2017, more than 660 children (general education students) from all over the country have come to the finals of the GTO Russian National Health and Fitness Program in order to compete for the GTO Cup.

The winners of the municipal and regional stages of the festival, holders of the complex’s golden insignia, are encouraged with a trip to Artek. The program of the festival includes the development and defence of projects to promote the GTO complex among peers, namely creative and sports parts.

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